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Video-tek - Video to DVD Transfer Specialists

We professionally transfer video to DVD and transfer camcorder tapes to DVD using high quality specialist equipment.
High quality video to DVD transfer of the following supported formats in both NTSC and PAL: VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV, Hi-8, Digital-8.

Postal address: Video-tek, 21a Riverside Avenue, Fareham, Hants, UK. PO16 8TF
(or contact us on 01329 288667, or by email:


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Our prices

We aim to offer competitive pricing and don't have any hidden costs. The cost to you is based on the number of tapes that you wish to be transferred, the number of DVDs onto which it is to be transferred, and a simple charge for postage and packing.

Transfer charges

£6 per tape - to be transferred to a normal unprinted DVD.
Additional unprinted DVD copies can be purchased at a flat rate of £3 per DVD copy.

Postage and packing

We have standard rates for recorded delivery return postage and packing to anywhere in the UK, priced as follows:
£6 for 1-3 tapes, £6 for 4-8 tapes, £14 for 9-13 tapes and £19 for 14-20 tapes.
This covers recorded delivery of your original video materials plus your new DVDs, which will all be sent back to you in a single package.

Other charges

We don't have any other charges! It's as simple as working out how many videos and how many DVDs. We don't charge for format conversions, or anything else!

Example order

Six video tapes, each copied onto a normal unprinted DVD = 6 x £6
Recorded delivery postage and packing for 4-8 tapes = £9
Total cost = £45
The customer receives six high quality DVDs containing their supplied video footage.

No copyright videos transferred without copyright owners written permission.